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Don't know what time you were born? Me, either. Rectification is tricky and certainly not foolproof, but it's worth a shot, right? Here, you'll find tools to help you figure out your rising sign and houses.

(I'm not an astrologer. I barely know what I'm doing. So don't expect this to be the magic answer to everything. Sorry!)

a chart showing how the houses of astrology will always go in the same pattern


The houses are determined by your rising sign. Normally, this is easily figured out by knowing what time you were born. Some of us have to try to figure it out on our own, and it's.... not super easy.

Once you know your rising sign, you can use the chart above to learn what signs rule your houses. The rising sign is always in the First House. Then you'll just follow the same-colored squares on the chart. For example, if your rising sign is Gemini, you will follow all of the white squares. This would make your First House Gemini, your Second House Cancer, your Third House Leo, etc.

The houses each rule a specific area of your life. I did my best to keep it concise, so this is by no means a comprehensive understanding, but it's enough for my purposes. Hopefully it will be helpful to others as well.

a chart showing all 12 possible combinations for house placements

Because there are 12 houses and 12 signs that can only be in a certain order, there are only 12 possible combinations for house placements. The above chart shows all of the possibilities, for reference.

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