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Body Vacancy Magic

Given recent events in the United States, I think this is an appropriate topic for a blog post. Magic has been linked to motherhood (or lack thereof) for an incredibly long time. Midwives and herbalists were often accused of witchcraft just for practicing medicine and helping people with uteruses to get through life-changing situations.

I hope this is obvious, but do the mundane things first. Listen to medical professionals and use discretion where necessary. Keep yourself and anyone helping you safe.

Mundane things you can do:

- Use protection and make sure that you are using it correctly. Copper I. U. D.s are very effective and can last for years. (Kind of ironic, since copper is the metal of Venus.) Consider more permanent methods if you feel certain.

- Make friends in other states. Write letters to send in the mail instead of talking online. Maybe you could have a sleepover sometime.

- Know the law where you live and plan accordingly.

- Educate yourself on your options. Things have changed a lot since the 1970s.

- Follow these rules.

Print out or save (to an external drive) every source to keep in case the websites go away.

Do not rely on herbal methods. They aren’t always effective and they can cause real damage. There are better ways to handle our health issues now. Talk to a medical professional that you trust to help you figure out what you should do.

Now for the magic. Again, do the mundane things first. Magic is a tool of need. If you have access to mundane methods and don’t use them, magic probably won’t work alone. However, when paired with mundane methods, magic could possibly give you a boost.

It's actually difficult to find historical spells for this purpose. For most of human history, a woman's worth and livelihood was tied to how many children she could bear. I've managed to dig up a couple things, though.

To Avoid Acquiring a Tenant

Here are a few ideas from The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes.

1. Mix menstrual blood with clay and form a bead. Pierce the bead with a needle. When the bead is ready, hold it and concentrate on remaining childless. Keep the bead in a safe place. Do not lose it. If you ever decide to have children, throw the bead into a river or a spring and let it dissolve.

2. Linger at a fresh burial site after everyone else has left the funeral. Step three times over the grave, each time in the same direction. Focus on avoiding pregnancy.

3. Tuck hawthorn leaves under your mattress. (This seems like the easiest one, if you're lazy like me.)

I might try to see what else I can dig up, but that's it for now.

Stay safe!

- me

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