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Curious Lore of Precious Stones notes, part 6

Part 6 of my notes on The Curious Lore of Precious Stones by George Frederick Kunz.

Don't eat rocks.

There's quite a bit of preamble here, but the real meat of this section is going to be the correspondence lists, so let's get to those.

From the text:


Aquarius. January 21 to February 21. The Garnet. If you would cherish friendship true, In Aquarius well you’ll do To wear this gem of warmest hue— The garnet.

Pisces. February 21 to March 21. The Amethyst. From passion and from care kept free Shall Pisces’ children ever be Who wear so all the world may see The amethyst.

Aries. March 21 to April 20. The Bloodstone. Who on this world of ours his eyes In Aries opens shall be wise If always on his hand there lies A bloodstone.

Taurus. April 20 to May 21. The Sapphire. If on your hand this stone you bind, You in Taurus born will find ’Twill cure diseases of the mind, The sapphire.

Gemini. May 21 to June 21. The Agate. Gemini’s children health and wealth command, And all the ills of age withstand, Who wear their rings on either hand Of agate.

Cancer. June 21 to July 22. The Emerald. If born in Cancer’s sign, they say, Your life will joyful be alway, If you take with you on your way An emerald.

Leo. July 22 to August 22. The Onyx. When youth to manhood shall have grown, Under Leo lorn and lone ’Twill have lived but for this stone, The onyx.

Virgo. August 22 to September 22. The Carnelian. Success will bless whate’er you do, Through Virgo’s sign, if only you Place on your hand her own gem true, Carnelian.

Libra. September 22 to October 23. The Chrysolite. Through Libra’s sign it is quite well To free yourself from evil spell, For in her gem surcease doth dwell, The chrysolite.

Scorpio. October 23 to November 21. The Beryl. Through Scorpio this gem so fair Is that which every one should wear, Or tears of sad repentance bear,— The beryl.

Sagittarius. November 21 to December 21. The Topaz. Who first comes to this world below Under Sagittarius should know That their true gem should ever show A topaz.

Capricorn. December 21 to January 21. The Ruby. Those who live in Capricorn No trouble shall their brows adorn If they this glowing gem have worn, The ruby.

An old Spanish list of the gems of the zodiacal signs differs from those given above, and probably represents Arab tradition:

  • Aries—Crystal

  • Taurus—Ruby and diamond

  • Gemini—Sapphire

  • Cancer—Agate and beryl

  • Leo—Topaz

  • Virgo—Magnet

  • Libra—Jasper

  • Scorpio—Garnet

  • Sagittarius—Emerald

  • Capricorn—Chalcedony

  • Aquarius—Amethyst

  • Pisces—

(Pisces does not have a stone listed here. I'm not sure why.)

Now a list of the stones the author pairs with the classical planets.

Sun - Jacinth, diamond, carnelian, ruby, and yellow Brazilian chrysoberyl

Moon - Beryl, rock-crystal, coral, and pearl

Venus - Sapphire, carbuncle, coral, carnelian, pearl, ruby, white jargoon, emerald, lapis-lazuli, beryl, and chalcedony

Mercury - Emerald

Mars - Diamond, jacinth, red jargoon, and ruby

Jupiter - Emerald, sapphire, amethyst, yellow jargoon, and turquoise

Saturn - All dark, black, and brittle stones, diamond

Here is a list specific to the Chaldæans: Sapphire - Saturn

Jacinth - Jupiter

Diamond - Sun

Ruby - Mars

Emerald - Venus

Agate - Mercury

Selenite - Moon

Another list:


Jasper - Venus and Mercury.

Sapphire - Jupiter and Mercury.

Emerald - Venus and Mercury.

Chalcedony - Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn.

Sardonyx - Saturn and Mars.

Chrysolite - Mercury and Venus.

Beryl - Venus and Mars.

Topaz - Saturn and Mars.

Chrysoprase - Mercury and Venus.

Jacinth - Mars and Jupiter.

Amethyst - Mars and Jupiter.

Pearl - Venus and Mercury.

Carbuncle - Mars and Venus.

Diamond - Jupiter.

Agate - Venus and Mars.

Alectoria - Sun.

Turquoise - Venus and Mercury.

Chelidon - Jupiter.

Ætites - Sun.

Dionesia - Saturn.

Hematite - Mercury.

Lapis-lazuli - Venus.

Armena - Mercury and Venus.

Garnet - Sun.

Amber - Sun.

Jet - Saturn.

Lyncurius - Sun.

Crystal - Moon and Mars.

Bezoar - Jupiter.

Armenia - Jupiter.

Selenite - Moon.

Magnet - Mars.

Judaica - Mercury.

Cogolite - Jupiter.

Halcyon - Saturn and Mars.

Asbestus - Saturn.

Sarcophagus - Moon.

Arabian, white - Moon.

Arabian, green - Jupiter.

Hyena - Sun.

Androdamas - Moon.


- Copper-colored - Sun, Venus.

- Gold-colored - Sun.

- Silver-colored - Moon.

- Tin-colored - Moon, Saturn.

- Ash-colored - Jupiter.

Calatia - Moon.

Stalactite - Venus.

Thenarcus - Sun.

Carnelian - Jupiter, Mars, Venus.

Opal - Sun, Mercury.

The following is a list of images engraved on stones for magical purposes. I believe the point is to engrave these images on stones associated with the planet that is most likely to bring about the desired result.

Images and virtues of the constellations as engraved on gems

Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and Draco. Both bears are represented in the folds of a serpent, the Great Bear in the upper and the Lesser Bear in the lower folds. In almost all the signs. Nature: Ursa Major, Mars and Venus. Ursa Minor: Saturn. Draco: Saturn and Mars. Renders the wearer wise, cautious, versatile, and powerful.

The boundary lines of the various signs are carried up to the pole, and any constellation that is within these lines is considered to belong to the respective sign; thus, every constellation belongs to one or more signs.

Corona Borealis. A royal crown, with many stars; sometimes the crowned head of a king. Sign: Sagittarius. Nature: Venus and Mercury. Engraved on the stone of one who is fitted for honors and knowledge, it gives him great favor with kings.

Hercules. A man with knees bent, holding a club in his hand and killing a lion; sometimes a man with a lion’s skin in his hand or on his shoulder and holding a club. Sign: Scorpio. Nature: Venus and Mercury. Engraved on a stone that brings victory, like the agate, it renders the wearer victorious in all conflicts in the field.

Cygnus. A swan with outstretched wings and curved neck. In the North. Nature: Venus and Mercury. Renders the wearer popular, increases knowledge, and augments wealth. Cures gout, paralysis, and fever.

Cepheus. A man girt with a sword and holding his hands and arms extended. Sign: Aries. Nature: Saturn and Jupiter. Causes pleasant visions if placed beneath the head of a sleeping person.

Cassiopeia. A woman seated in a chair and with hands extended in the form of a cross; sometimes with a triangle on her head. Sign: Taurus. Nature: Saturn and Venus. Restores the sickly, worn body to health, gives quiet and calm after labor and procures pleasant and tranquil sleep.

Andromeda. A young girl with dishevelled hair, and hands hanging down. Sign: Taurus. Nature: Venus. Reconciles husband and wife, strengthens love, and protects the human body from many diseases.

Perseus. A man holding a sword in his right hand and the Gorgon’s head in his left. Sign: Taurus. Nature: Saturn and Venus. Guards the wearer from misfortune and protects, not only the wearer but the place where it may be, from lightning and tempest. Dissolves enchantments.

Serpens. A man in the folds of a serpent and holding its head in his right hand and its tail in his left. Sign: Taurus. Nature: Saturn and Venus. Antidote to poisons and to the bites of venomous creatures.

Aquila. A flying eagle with an arrow beneath his feet. Sign: Cancer. Nature: Jupiter and Mercury; the arrow, however, is of Mars and Venus. Preserves former honors, adds new ones, and helps to victory.

Pisces or Delphinus. Figured in relief(?) Sign: Aquarius. Nature: Saturn and Mars. If this engraved gem be attached to nets it causes them to be filled with fish, and it renders the wearer fortunate in fishing.

Pegasus. Some represent the half of a winged horse; others the whole figure and without a bridle. Sign: Aries. Nature: Mars and Jupiter. Gives victory in the field, and makes the wearer swift, cautious, and bold.

Cetus. Figure of a large fish with curved tail and capacious gullet. Sign: Taurus. Nature: Saturn. Renders the wearer fortunate on the sea and makes him prudent and agreeable. It also restores lost articles.

Orion. With or without armor, man holding a sword or a scythe in his hand. Sign: Gemini. Nature: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Gives the wearer victory over his enemies.

Navis. A ship with prow curved back and spread sails; sometimes with and sometimes without oars. Sign: Leo. Nature: Saturn and Jupiter. Renders the wearer fortunate in his undertakings; he runs no risk on sea or water, neither can he be injured by water.

Canis Major. Figure of a dog for coursing hares, with a curved tail. Sign: Cancer. Nature: Venus. Cures lunacy, insanity, and demoniacal possession.

Lepus. Figure of a hare with ears pricked up and the feet represented as though in swift motion. Sign: Gemini. Nature: Saturn and Mercury. Cures frenzy and protects from the wiles of demons. The wearer cannot be hurt by a malignant spirit.

Centaur. Half-figure of a bull, bearing a man on whose left shoulder rests a lance, from which depends a hare. In his right hand the man holds a small, supine animal with a vessel attached to it. Sign: Libra. Nature: Jupiter and Mars. Gives constancy and perpetual health.

Canis Minor. Figure of a dog, sitting. Sign: Cancer. Nature: Jupiter. Guards from dropsy, pestilence, and the bites of dogs.

Sacrarius Turubulus (Ara). An altar with burning incense. Sign: Sagittarius. Nature: Venus and Mercury. Gives the wearer power to recognize spirits, to converse with them, and to command them; also confers chastity.

Hydra. A serpent, having an urn at its head and a raven at its tail. Sign: Cancer. Nature: Saturn and Venus. Gives riches and all good gifts to the wearer and makes him cautious and prudent. Corona Australis. An imperial crown. Sign: Libra. Nature: Saturn and Mars. Augments wealth and makes the wearer gay and happy.

Auriga. A man in a chariot, bearing a goat on his left shoulder. Sign: Gemini. Nature: Mercury. Makes the wearer successful in hunting.

Vexillum. A flag flying from the extremity of a lance. Sign: Scorpion. Gives skill in war and confers victory in the field.


Saturn. An old man holding a curved scythe in his hand and with a not very heavy beard. Engraved on a stone of the nature of Saturn, it renders the wearer powerful and augments his power continually.

Jupiter. A seated figure, sometimes in a chariot, holding a staff in one hand and a spear in the other. It renders the wearer fortunate, especially if engraved on a Kabratis stone, and he easily gains what he wishes, especially from priests. He will be raised to honors and dignities.

Mars. Represented sometimes with a banner and sometimes with a lance or other weapon. He is, indeed, always armed and at times mounted on a horse. Gives victory, boldness in war, and success in everything, especially if engraved on an appropriate stone.

Sun. Sometimes as the solar disk with rays, sometimes as a man in a chariot, and this occasionally is surrounded by the signs of the zodiac. Renders the wearer powerful and a victor; this gem is prized by hunters.

Venus. Many forms, among them that of a woman with a voluminous dress and a stole, holding a laurel in her hand. Gives skill in handling affairs and usually brings them to a successful issue; removes the fear of drowning.

Mercury. Figure of a slender man, usually with a beautiful beard, but sometimes without. He has winged feet and holds the caduceus. Increases knowledge and confers eloquence. It aids merchants, enabling them to acquire wealth.

Moon. Various forms. Sometimes as a crescent, sometimes as a young woman in a chariot and holding a quiver, and at others as a woman with a quiver and following the chase with dogs. Aids the fortunes of those who are sent on an embassy, and enables them to acquire wealth and honor thereby. Is said to confer speed and facility in undertakings and a happy issue.

A list of meanings for gems seen in dreams:

Agates - A journey.

Amber - A voyage.

Amethysts - Freedom from harm.

Aquamarines - New friends.

Beryls - Happiness in store.

Bloodstones - Distressing news.

Carbuncles - Acquirement of wisdom.

Carnelians - Impending misfortune.

Cat’s-eyes - Treachery.

Chalcedony - Friends rejoined.

Chrysoberyls - A time of need.

Chrysolites - Necessary caution.

Coral - Recovery from illness.

Crystal - Freedom from enemies.

Diamonds - Victory over enemies.

Emeralds - Much to look forward to.

Garnets - The solution of a mystery.

Heliotropes - Long life.

Hyacinths - A heavy storm.

Jacinths - Success.

Jasper - Love returned.

Jet - Sorrow.

Lapis-lazuli - Faithful love.

Moonstones - Impending danger.

Moss-agates - An unsuccessful journey.

Onyx - A happy marriage.

Opals - Great possessions.

Pearls - Faithful friends.

Porphyry - Death.

Rubies - Unexpected guests.

Sapphires - Escape from danger.

Sardonyx - Love of friends.

Topaz - No harm shall befall.

Tourmalines - An accident.

Turquoises - Prosperity.

That's it for this week.

Stay safe!

- me

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