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Magic 101 - Part 3 - Colors

Color is important for a lot of magical traditions. It makes sense. Humans have very weak senses compared to other animals, but our eyesight is generally our best one and so we rely on it significantly more than the others, And what do we see? Colors.

Colors have different meanings depending on your area of discipline, but there is some overlap when we look. Here are some examples.

Sun - Yellow - success, happiness

Moon - White - illusions, spirituality

Mars - Red - valor, strength

Mercury - Mixed colors - versatility

Jupiter - Blue - wisdom, health

Venus - Green - abundance, fertility

Saturn - Black - death, hard work

White - purity

Black - absorbs negativity

Pink - love, friendship

Red - strength, power, vitality

Yellow - air, learning, mental stimulation

Green - money, abundance, earth

Blue - water, healing

Purple - spirit, mystical

Red - danger, power, desire

Green - harmony, fertility

Blue - honesty, serenity

Brown - reliability, maturity

Orange - happiness, creativity

Yellow - intellect, happiness

Pink - innocence, gentle love

Chakras/Energy Centers: Red - root - food, vitality, survival

Orange - sacral - well-being, pleasure, sexuality

Yellow - solar plexus - self-esteem, confidence

Green - heart - love, inner peace

Blue - throat - communication, truth, secrets

Indigo - third eye - intuition, wisdom, thought

Violet - crown - beauty, bliss, spirituality

There are other areas, of course, but even in just these four you can see some overlapping ideas. I didn't list every color and meaning, so click the links to see more.

One thing people talk about a lot in the metaphysical community is "frequency," but it's sort of a buzz word at this point. Colors, however, do have frequencies. From ThoughtCo:

The wavelengths of visible light are:

  • Violet: 380–450 nm (688–789 THz frequency)

  • Blue: 450–495 nm

  • Green: 495–570 nm

  • Yellow: 570–590 nm

  • Orange: 590–620 nm

  • Red: 620–750 nm (400–484 THz frequency)

Violet light has the shortest wavelength, which means it has the highest frequency and energy. Red has the longest wavelength, the shortest frequency, and the lowest energy.

Higher frequency in colors basically means more energy. We can draw some of our own conclusions about color meanings based on this information. Here are my thoughts on it:

- Red has the lowest energy. It's a very primal color. - Violet has the highest energy. It's associated with spirituality. - It appears that the lowest energy (red) to the highest energy (violet) gradually gets less "material." Red is dirt and blood. Orange is creativity. Yellow is intellect. Green is peace. Blue is clarity. Violet is spirituality.

Even with this, we can see overlaps with the four previously mentioned ideologies. I think looking at the overlap between all these ideas can give us a few fairly solid rules.

Look into the history of colors, if you find time. Blue has an especially interesting history. For a long time, it meant what we would now call "light blue." It also was essentially considered the same as purple for a long time, which explains why we say "Roses are red, violets are blue." So, depending on the time period of the magical text you're reading, the color "blue" could mean different things.

Another thing that fascinates me is the cultural differences regarding color. Russians have distinctive words for "light blue" and "dark blue," whereas we only have "blue." It's similar to how we have a word for "light red:" pink. We English speakers consider pink to be its own color, even though it's actually just a tint of red. Similarly, Russians consider "light blue" and "dark blue" to be different colors, even though we think of them as different shades of the same hue.

I'm sure I could go on and on about this, but we've got more ground to cover.

Stay safe!

- me

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