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Magical Hygiene

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Hey there! I haven’t gotten a lot of reading done lately, so I figured I could start branching out a little more and maybe including some of my own magical practices. You won’t get anything too juicy, but there’ll be a few hints and tips.

Today I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about hygiene and how to make it magical. This is a really simple way to work magic into your everyday life without taking up too much of your time.

What you wanna do is decide on what your goals are (beauty, health, success, cleansing, protection, etc.) and build your products around those ideas. Learn some basic correspondences and choose products that have the scent (herbs) or color that match up with your goal.

One thing I’m a stickler about: Make sure to read the ingredients. If it just says something like “natural fragrance,” that doesn’t mean the thing it smells like is actually used in the product. We could get into whether that would still work or not, but I’d rather be sure that the thing I’m trying to use is actually there. Do whatever works best for you, though.

Honestly, this is probably the most versatile type of magic I’ve ever done. Health and beauty products come in so many varieties that it’s very easy to find something that works for most goals.

I would not recommend doing malefic magic this way. Taking a bath or a shower is about getting bad stuff off and rubbing good stuff in. You don’t want to rub cursed shampoo into your scalp.

Cursed Shampoo would be a good band name.

Instead, you want to rub things like beauty, health, love, charisma, etc. into yourself. So I highly recommend that you only use this for ‘good’ magic where you are (or whoever you’re washing is) the target. Washing yourself with lavender soap isn’t going to help your anxious friend feel calm, you know? (But you could give that friend a gift of lavender lotion or something.)

You could also work the planetary days of the week or the moon cycle or astrology into it. On Friday, wash your hair with a flowery shampoo for beauty. On the new moon, exfoliate to get rid of that guy who’s been bothering you. During Leo season, use a cinnamon fragrance for empowerment.

I recommend Four Theives’ soap for protection and health. Probably best on a Thursday.

Mix your own shampoo with essential oils! This is a way to not break the bank by buying a million different types of shampoo. Just get a plain shampoo and put it into smaller bottles, then add your essential oils. Do some research to make sure the oils you’re using won’t damage your hair or skin.

The way I do this is to buy a normal bottle of dandruff shampoo (yeah I got dandruff, gross), then buy some “travel size” bottles meant for plane trips. Fill each of your smaller bottles about halfway, add some essential oils, then fill it the rest of the way and give it a good shake. LABEL YOUR BOTTLES.

I’ve made a few blends for the planets.

Sun - cinnamon and orange

Venus - rose, lavender, and jasmine

Jupiter - sage, red rose, salt

Of course, you can always buy products, too. Etsy has sooooo much that could help with this, and I’m fond of this place.

I’d love to hear what ideas other people might have!

Stay safe!

- me

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