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Malleus Maleficarum - The Witches' Hammer, part 4

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Happy Halloween!!! Let's jump back into some scary history, shall we?

Question 7 (Can witches make men fall in love or turn to hatred?)

A man is made of three components: will, understanding, and body. God rules over will, an Angel "enlightens" understanding (intelligence), and the Stars rule over body. Devils are weaker than all of these things, and so they cannot affect the will, understanding, or body even with a witch's help.

Well, not directly, anyway. What devils can do is be tempting and persuasive. And this is easier for them to do when someone is lacking in "understanding" or will, such as someone who is asleep, someone who is intoxicated, someone who is mentally ill, or someone who is "naturally defective." I think I see where we're going with this.

Devils can do all of this with or without a witch's help. The text quotes an old woman who made men fall in love with her by having them eat her feces. I don't recommend that for a number of reasons.

Question 8 (Can witches cause impotence?)

"Adulterous drabs and whores are chiefly given to witchcraft." Oh good, more misogyny.

Similar to the previous question, this one is answered by saying that devils and witches cannot directly cause impotence, but they can influence people to not have the necessary desire to follow through with the entire sexual act.

Also, a bit I want to note just because I think snakes are cool: Serpents are more subject to magic spells than are other animals.

These spells can affect women as well as men. Sometimes the devil will "so darken the understanding" of a woman that she won't have sex with her husband for anything. Sometimes the impotence manifests in the form of a miscarriage or the inability to conceive at all.

Question 9 (Can witches make a man's penis disappear?)

Can y'all tell how badly this dude needed to get laid?

Witches can make you think your dick is gone, but they can't use magic to actually remove it. Devils can either make you think it's gone or actually remove it if God grants them permission.

It feels slightly out of place, but it's brought up that there are three kinds of witches:

- those who harm and heal

- those who only harm

- those who only heal

That seems like an okay stopping point for this post. See you next week!

Stay safe!

- me

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