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Seven Sins, Virtues, and Planets

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

You ever wake up in the middle of the night with an idea? And you think, "I am a genius. I am God's gift to mankind. I must do my duty as a smartypants by telling the WORLD." And then you realize that someone else probably thought of it already.

That's okay, me too.

I like to match things up. I like to assign things to other things, especially occult things. I like things. I like bed. Maybe I shouldn't type blog posts in the middle of the night.

This is starting to look like a recipe blog LET'S GET TO THE POINT

There are seven classical planets. There are seven deadly sins. There are seven holy virtues. Let's mash 'em together.

Sun - Pride - Humility

Moon - Sloth - Diligence

Mars - Wrath - Patience

Mercury - Gluttony - Temperance

Jupiter - Greed - Charity

Venus - Lust - Chastity

Saturn - Envy - Kindness

These are my own matches based on what I think makes sense. It's different from the link I added in the first paragraph, but we can get into why that is. I also want to stress that, in my opinion, the "sins" aren't necessarily bad and the "virtues" aren't necessarily good, but that a balance should be achieved between each set.

The Sun is literally the center of the universe. It makes sense that we'd associate it with ego. While it's good to have some pride in yourself, it's also important to know when to remain humble.

The Moon is slow and steady. It moves through the sky, not even creating its own light but instead reflecting from the Sun. But it works, too. It goes through its phases at a consistent pace.

Mars is the god of war, so of course it's wrathful. But winning a war requires a lot of patience and planning, not just red-hot fury.

Mercury is a neutral, balanced planet. It's not considered "masculine" or "feminine," but rather a mixture of the two in harmony. Too much of one thing could be considered a type of gluttony, while maintaining a proper balance would show temperance.

Jupiter is the king of the gods. Monarchs are known for having wealth. They're remembered for how they use it. Are they greedy or charitable?

Venus is all about love and sex. Lust is fun for sexual people. I'm not slut-shaming, I'm s sexual person myself. But it's important to know when to keep your pants on (literally as well as figuratively) to maintain your professional life and various relationships.

Saturn is the farthest of the classical planets. Maybe this is why it has a reputation as being cold, distant, and cruel. Maybe it's envious of the other planets. It's associated with malefic workings. While a certain amount of envy and resentment can be perfectly normal (and maybe even healthy in some cases, since it shows that you want better for yourself), it's also incredibly important to be kind to others.

Is this information useful? Maybe, though I can't say I know for sure yet. Maybe we could use the days of the week associated with the planets to remind ourselves to work on these traits. Are you an angry person? Maybe Tuesday will be a good day for you to practice managing your emotions.

However you decide to use these ideas, I hope they're helpful to you.

Stay safe!

- me

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