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Subtle Planetary Magic

The magic I perform most often is planetary magic in a very lowkey way. I suppose it's less to achieve a specific goal and more to align myself with the day's planetary energy, though I do often have a goal in mind.

A lot of us are not "out" to everyone in our lives, so carrying around a clunky talisman like a Solomonic pentacle (while admittedly very cool) would not be an easy thing to explain away. Luckily, there are many options to tap into that planetary energy without sticking out at all.

If you would like some information about planetary magic, check out my page about it here. Here's a very quick rundown:

Sunday - Sun - Success, happiness

Monday - Moon - Intuition, divination

Tuesday - Mars - Competition, defeating enemies

Wednesday - Mercury - Communication, business

Thursday - Jupiter - Health, prosperity

Friday - Venus - Love, beauty

Saturday - Saturn - Work, study

One way to work with this information is to plan your schedule around the corresponding days. Bonus points if you manage to schedule things at the proper hour! So, some things you could do:

Sunday - Pretty much anything that you want to succeed: spells, games, applications, etc.

Monday - Perform tarot readings, meditate

Tuesday - Play multiplayer games, gamble (responsibly)

Wednesday - Fill out job applications, have an interview

Thursday - List items for sale, schedule a doctor's appointment

Friday - Get your hair/nails done, go on a date

Saturday - Study for an upcoming test, work a little overtime

Another way to work with these energies is to dress according to the days. Each planet has a color, a metal, and various herbs related to it. You can incorporate these when getting ready for the day by using clothing, jewelry, perfume, etc. Here is a quick reference:

Sunday - Yellow, Gold, Cinnamon

Monday - White, Silver, Jasmine

Tuesday - Red, Iron, Basil

Wednesday - Mixed colors, Mixed metals (was mercury, but that's not a great option these days), Lavender

Thursday - Blue, Tin, Sage

Friday - Green, Copper, Rose

Saturday - Black, Lead (not easily incorporated into an outfit), Patchouli

That's all for this week. Stay safe!

- me

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