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Violets are my favorite color, so that's a good start, but they're also full of symbolism and magical uses.

Let's start with the color: purple. Purple is a very interesting color because of its rarity in nature. Until fairly recently, only very wealthy people could afford the dye because of the labor and materials involved in its production. As a result, purple has historically been a color of wealth, royalty, and eccentricity. Purple is also an important color in magic, as it's associated with the spirit/ether element.

Violets are associated with love, especially sapphic love. Women would give violets to each other as a sign of romantic affection based on poem fragments by Sappho. So if you're a lady looking for a lady love, violets might be helpful. They're also good for being flirty in general. The flower has a scent that comes and goes, giving it a coquettish nature, especially when used in perfumes,

Violets are the birth flower for the month of February, maybe because that's when they generally start to bloom. They're one of the first types of flowers to bloom in the spring, so they're associated with life and birth.

So how do we use this in magic? Clearly, we can see a strong link to love. Wear a violet body spray or give one to your love interest. Stuff a few under your pillow to dream of love, asking your subconscious mind to guide you in a relationship. Make a tea from the flowers (it will be blue and taste similar to chamomile) and give it to your intended or drink it yourself for self-love.

The connection to birth and life could be used by hanging a few dried violets near a newborn's crib, to help keep the baby alive and healthy. This might also be a decent charm for someone who is suffering from an illness. (Still go to the doctor, violets are not a substitute for professional medical care.)

That's it for this post.

Stay safe!

- me

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