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Waiting for occult goodies...

It's always hard waiting for something you want. I'm not being paid or anything, but I figured I would update you guys on a couple of things I'm waiting to receive.

I just ordered this “game” based on a combination of the Tarot and the Sefirot from Qabalah. It looks like an incredibly interesting divination tool, or at least a great method of introspection.

It won’t be shipping out until late summer of 2022, unfortunately, but I’ve waited this long for The Green Mysteries, so I suppose I can wait for this.

Maybe I could try to devise my own version of it in the meantime... if I can ever find the time to do so. Basically a tarot spread based on the Tree of Life. Please get vaccinated so this pandemic can be over so that I can have free time again. And also so that people don’t die, I guess.

I'm also waiting on the first volume of Daniel Matt's translation of The Zohar. It's supposed to be very informative and contains quite a bit of commentary to help unpack symbolism and such, so I think that will be interesting.

The next thing I'm gonna get will be the Tarotorial tarot deck. It looks pretty great.

Stay safe!

- me

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